OASIS is an Innovation Hub focused on Sustainability, Innovation, and Social Inclusion in the Inland Empire.


The Opportunity to Advance Sustainability Innovation and Social Inclusion (OASIS) is a public-private partnership led by the University of California Riverside (UCR) to drive regional economic development through solutions-driven applied research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and workforce development around sustainability, clean technology, and social inclusion.

OASIS has already garnered the support of many local and regional partners, who recognize the transformative economic potential of this initiative, and has been awarded two grants from the State of California for $15 million and $47 million to identify and secure a site for the establishment of the OASIS Clean Tech Park, which comprises the first phase of implementation of the OASIS Innovation Hub. The project will also receive $1.5 million from federal Community Project Funding.

Earlier this year, UCR's Office of Research and Economic Development (RED) announced the first call for the OASIS Internal Funding Awards. Final selections have been made, totaling over $1.7M in internal seed funding (one of UCR's largest competitive internal seed funding efforts ever). Read more about the research that received awards of ~ $200,000 and those that received awards of ~$25,000.

The OASIS Accelerator will provide entrepreneurial support and access to an extensive network of assets for pilot-scale demonstration projects. This initiative led by UCR’s EPIC Small Business Development Center will accelerate the transfer of innovative products and services to the private sector and the community, fueling the region’s transition to a more sustainable economy.

Accelerator Support and Services  "Zero-to-Entrepreneur" Certificate Program

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World-Class Innovation for the World’s Biggest Challenges

OASIS integrates the numerous regional initiatives led by UCR that leverage its expertise in clean air, community health and health disparities, goods movement, clean energy and energy storage, and sustainable agriculture.

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Come Grow With Us

Eager to explore and capitalize on the unique R & D assets, infrastructure, investment incentives, and economic potential of California’s fastest growing region? Contact the UCR Office of Technology Partnerships for information on sponsorships and workforce training, as well as startup support and investment opportunities.

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Why Riverside?

Riverside is located in California’s fastest growing region, the Inland Empire, with a population projected to increase 44% to more than 7 million residents by 2050, making it one of the ten largest metro areas in the United States. A major center of the logistics industry, the Inland Empire region lies at the heart of the significant technological and societal changes facing the nation.

Home to the Center for Environmental Research & Technology, UCR facilitates collaborations among more than 100 faculty and researchers working on all areas of sustainability research and innovation. The campus is a national leader in air pollution and alternative fuels research, and in the agricultural sciences. To leverage this expertise, in 2021 the California Air Resources Board (CARB) opened a $420 million laboratory on land adjacent to the university, bringing 400 new jobs to the region. The OASIS Hub will greatly enhance collaboration between these two entities, synergizing research and tech transfer efforts focused on clean technologies.

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Why Now
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Why Now?

To address the world’s most complex problems, California and the nation share an urgent need to build sustainable solutions. Rapid technological changes in the logistics, transportation, agriculture, and clean energy sectors, combined with significant federal and state regulatory and investment initiatives aimed at achieving a net zero carbon economy, are accelerating this shared path toward sustainability. The time is now to transform Inland Southern California into an internationally recognized innovation hub for sustainability.

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Inland Southern California Assets

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Advanced Facilities

Access UCR’s state-of-the-art labs, equipment, and specialized facilities for testing, validation, and deployment of new technologies, methods and products.

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Access to a large, diverse cohort of highly-trained STEM, medical, business and public policy graduates and interns, coupled with customizable certificate and professional courses offered through UCR University Extension to upskill regional workforce in key sectors.

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Entrepreneurship Support

Through UCR’s Office of Technology Partnerships EPIC Small  Business Development Center, the OASIS Accelerator will provide expertise in tech commercialization, patent/licensing, pre-seed and seed capital, and technical support services to startups in food/agriculture, air/water, energy, health, and sustainable logistics.


Social Innovation

Ranked #1 in social mobility by U.S. News & World Report (2019 to 2021), UCR is deeply invested in driving transformational change within and beyond our region. In collaboration with OASIS partners, UCR is expanding educational access, diversifying America’s workforce, bridging health and economic disparities, empowering next-gen industry leaders, and spurring technological innovation.


Land and Infrastructure

The region offers affordable commercial real estate opportunities with room to expand, strong distribution and transportation infrastructure, low cost of living, and a wide variety of venture capital investment incentives.

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Future Fluent

UC Riverside has a record of meeting the future ahead of others, with pioneering environmental research, sustainability research, plant genetics, electric vehicles, or social innovation: the first Chicano Student programs in the state, the first Middle Eastern Student Center… UCR is a national leader in generational mobility,  powered by diverse students and faculty.